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Submissions should be between 400-800 words, although we sometimes publish longer pieces. The editors are open to opinion pieces reacting to stories and trends in healthcare, medicine, technology and wellness.

There is no hard and fast format for the posts we publish. Some look like TED Talks. Others look like they belong in the New England Journal of Medicine.  Others are traditional opinion pieces that would not look out of place in The New York Times or the Wall Street Journal.

We’re interested in thoughtful analysis of stories in the news, contrarian takes on trending stories and the established order, first person accounts from healthcare workers and people experiencing the joys of the health care system first hand.

We also accept reviews of new books and products, including new drugs, medical devices and software that we think readers will find of interest.

To keep things honest, we also accept fiction.

If you’re a researcher or government official and would like to draw attention to a new study or a new policy idea, we encourage opinion pieces that explain why your ideas matter, put your research in context or react to criticism.

If you run a tech company and would like to introduce the world to your brilliant new idea that is going to change everything we accept blog posts that pitch your idea to users and potential investors.

Given the realities of the World we live in, we consider anonymous postings in cases where publication could cause problems for authors.

Our writers include both conservatives and progressives, those based in the United States and around the World. We are pro-technology with a skeptical filter, pro-healthcare workers rights and pro-consumer.

While the editors are happy to receive original submissions, we do frequently crosspost pieces that have appeared in national publications or on smaller blogs.

Our goal is to curate the healthcare system and point readers to interesting people, things and ideas around the web.  If you’d like to suggest a potential story for us cover or product for us to review, email John at or Jason at

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